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I love watching this thing. Not even sure why. It just looks neat blasting off into nowhere.

I don’t know why but these videos are always so cool to watch. Nothing even flies into space. It’s all testing rockets and propulsion, etc. But it’s still cool to me.


Wow, this is hilarious. Redmondpie is reporting that iPhoneDownloadBlog has discovered how AT&T figures out that a user is tethering their phone when they haven’t actually purchased a tether data plan. It turns out that AT&T routes normal tethered data through a different access point when it is turned on on the phone and the […]


Yesterday afternoon, RIM announced the first BlackBerry tablet called the BlackBerry PlayBook. The PlayBook will be able to tether with a BlackBerry phone for internet access and also have support for full Flash. RIM released this promo video below which doesn’t show much, but it sure looks nice.