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Werner Herzog made this film for AT&T to discourage texting and driving. It’s a split-second decision that could mean life and death (or paralysis) for not only you but for those on the road ahead of you as well. This short includes several stories from real people who were directly affected by texting and driving, […]

Is living normally in Saudia Arabia just not exciting enough for some people or something? Why do this? Reminds me a lot about the “sport” of Hajwalah or this MIA music video for “Bad Girls”.

the colby poster-01

I’ve seen these day-glo posters all around LA and even occassionally outside of LA but never knew that they actually had a particular name. They’re known as Colby Posters. The name comes from the famous family-run print shop in LA called The Colby Poster Printing Co. which has been in business for over 66 years. They […]