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The Big Picture has posted an entire series of images all about trains. I love it! Photo: Fabian Bimmer/Reuters


Photo: NASA Alan Taylor who previously started and ran The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture, has moved on from The Globe and is starting up a similar project over at The Atlantic. His new site called In Focus is going to probably be as awesome as The Big Picture. Bookmark it!

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Photo: National Geographic/Hiroya Minakuchi/Minden Pictures Animals, animals, animals! The Big Picture has a bunch of nature photos of various animals and species on their annual migrations. The underwater ones are my favorites!

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A new website entitled The Big Caption takes a photo or two each day from The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture blog and captions it with witty, obnoxious, or down-right wrong words. It’s oddly amusing to sift through. Check it out here. [via]

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Photo: DANIEL MOREL/AFP/Getty Images As expected, The Big Picture is one of the first websites to post a collection of photos from the disaster area in Haiti after yesterday’s 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The image above is particularly haunting because of what I imagine must be going through this woman’s mind at the moment. This link […]