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It’s been a long time coming, but yesterday The High Line officially opened its final section, stretching from 30th Street and 10th Avenue to 34th Street and 11th Avenue. The final section completes the rehabilitation and reuse of the old High Line railroad on Manhattan’s West Side into one of the most heralded public parks […]


Good news! The 3rd and final section of The High Line is set to open tomorrow. Be there at 7AM!

This was a nice random find. Jarrett Robertson has uploaded a video to YouTube called ‘Dead Tracks’ that talks about the history of The High Line and gives a good number of photos and videos of the tracks before it was turned into a park. I remember being up here before the park and this is […]


I missed Allen Ruppersberg’s “You & Me” billboard in February of 2013 (I was living in LA at the time) but I wish I had seen it in person. Looks amazing. It’s an obvious homage to the Colby Poster Printing Company which I just made a few posts about.