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Wait a second! They may make a live-action Jetsons movie?! Awesome!

This is one of my all-time favorite cartoon movies. So glad it’s online in its entirety. If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it.


An oldie from last year apparently, but I just came across it on M&W’s Tumblr. This image a wall lined with The Jetsons family portraits was once owned by Kanye West in his former LA home. Man, I would love this in my house (I’m a huge Jetsons fan)!

HOLY COW! One of the best cartoon movies ever made, The Jetsons Movie, is now just $6 on Amazon with free shipping elegibility with Amazon Prime! Go grab your copy!

WIRED just posted this video of the Levytator, an invention by Jack Levy, an Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering at City University London. The Levytator is basically an escalator or moving walkway that can rise, dip, and bend around curves. Both the up and down movements of the Levytator are connected to the same moving […]