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I just spent the last half hour watching this amazing behind the scenes look at the filming of Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It’s so jarring to see Arnold laughing on set in such a serious film and the sheer amount of special effects — both digital and miniature — as well as the fantastic make-up design is […]

It’s an old album, but seeing this behind the scenes video of how Relient K recorded their album “Forget And Not Slow Down” is pretty fantastic. I think I’m generally past this sort of musical taste in my life, but Relient K will always hold a dear place in my heart. I still love the […]

This video shows the enormous set-up required for Ryoki Ikeda’s installation called “The Transfinite” now up at the Park Ave. Armory in NYC. The installation consists of 2 projection surfaces — one on the floor measuring 54′x81′ and one that stands vertical and measures 54′x40′ tall — each dancing meticulously to the sound of ambient […]

Might&Wonder shared this funny video from Free Love Forum that pokes fun at how the recent Avatar TELESYNC leak was made. And yes, you can definitely download the film (in very poor quality so it’s probably not worth it at all).