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The New School’s new building on 13th Street and 5th Avenue just had its grand opening recently. Here’s a quick look at parts of the building. Wish I had this place when I was going to The New School.


  This might be the neatest thing to come to The New School in a long time. The New School just announced that the Narwhal is their new mascot after a school-wide voting decision. The narwhal beat out the owl by a long shot. Be prepared to see these on a field near you!

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The New School announced the launch of a new website for Parsons (their fashion/design school) today. It’s kind of boring, but I guess if all you want is information, well, there it is in BIG BOLD LETTERS ALL OVER THE PLACE. Can they get rid of that graffiti stencil logo already?


Look at the big image in the center of The New School homepage. It says: NEW YORK IS POSSIBILITY THE NEW SCHOOL IS NEW YORK Can anybody explain to me what this means? It just sounds like absolute nonsense.