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I can confirm that Tom Degroote is an idiot for responding to phishing emails and for accepting strangers as friends on Facebook.


The Picture Defense blog has consolidated the information you need to deal with photo theft and published it online FOR FREE. The site is really easy to use and all you have to do is (1) make sure your image isn’t being used in what’s called “Fair Use” circumstances and then you simply (2) go […]


I really love the idea of the BikeSpike┬ábut was bummed out to hear that it really only works with an annual subscription service (sort of like a cellphone plan). It uses cellular and GPS data to track your movements and in the event of a bike theft, you can turn it on and send your […]


Lots of excitement in my home neighborhood as there was a car theft at the parking lot I normally park in (when I lived in NY) which then caused a police pursuit to follow, finally ending at Rub’s BBQ on 23rd and 7th Ave. Rub’s sustained some major damage as you can see. So sad. […]

London’s ITV filmed several instances of bike thefts in London along with several police stings involving bike decoys. The footage isn’t shocking — bike thefts are pretty common — but the footage is interesting to watch in order to understand just how quickly a bike can get stolen in broad daylight. [via] The facts about […]