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This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody who has ever noticed the sheer amount of toilet, fart, and bathroom jokes in Asian culture. [via]

I’m not too clear what happened to this theme park, but I do know that at one point in time in not-too-distant history, Splendid China was a major attraction in Florida. I don’t recall when it went into disrepair but it looks like it’s just about crumbled away. Very unlike the actual country which has […]


The Daily Mail has some photos of Wunderland theme park near Kalkar, Germany which is built around an abandoned nuclear facility site. I wish I was closer to this theme park because I’d love to feel what it’s like to ride a big swing inside an old cooling tower (see photo below).

GETTING EXCITED! I’m gonna hunt for those hidden Mickeys when I’m there!

Want to see what Christmas is like at the world’s most magical place? Check out this tilt-shift video of the Christmas Day Parade at Magic Kingdom.