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These were released just an hour ago by Theory 11! Grab ‘em before they’re gone! Look at how beautiful they are! Only $6.95!      


Much more reasonably priced than the ultra-rare White Monarchs, these Silver Monarchs should be a decent substitute. Available now for just $6.95. It’s weird that I hadn’t heard of these until I just checked the Theory 11 site…


I haven’t seen much more than this of these particular cards, but I’m excited for them because for once, it’s not just some lame outputted design on the standard USPCC deck. These Theory 11 Rebels will be available at 11AM THIS FRIDAY. One more image below.


They’re here and they look great! The Bicycle Arch Angels come with metallic-gold J, Q, and Ks with an embossed box that really feels quite good. Not much to say about these other than the beautiful back design — the cards themselves are all pretty standard. Nice collectible though.


I tried very hard to photograph the shiny parts of these Theory 11 Titanium playing cards, but for whatever reason I just couldn’t do it properly. So just take my word for it, these babies are pretty. They’re not incredibly different than regular red and blue Rider Back playing cards, but the┬ásubtleties┬áthat the metallic inks […]