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People swear by these Japanese water bottles. I hear the cleaning of the top isn’t always the easiest, but supposedly they keep stuff cold and hot pretty well. Get one here.

Hey! How about this! A coffee mug/thermos that doesn’t just keep your coffee hot, but it actively regulates the temperature so that you can have drinkable coffee that’s toasty without burning the inside of your mouth. You can support and get one on Kickstarter now.


I held this fabulous Pendleton National Parks flask/thermos in my hands today and I wanted it. I wanted it real bad. Price: $38. See it in BIG DETAILS inside.

I love the look of this Wave Commuter Mug. It’s made of porcelain and comes with its own small drip coffee filter holder (see below). Plus, it also has a unique disc-shaped cover that slides out of the way when you want to have a sip. Not sure if it works as well as a […]


I can’t vouch for the quality of these Stanley Nineteen13 Ecycle 16oz Mug, but from a design standpoint these look amazing. Each mug in the Nineteen13 collection is made from recyclable material and is completely recyclable itself. Dishwasher safe and comes with a lid that disassembles for easy cleaning. Unfortunately, good looks don’t seem to […]


I was looking at this and thinking that it would be fabulous if Thermos actually made a wooden thermos like this instead of wrapping it in faux wood. Looks nice, no?