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I like this kind of cop. He laughs at bike thieves being tackled onto the ground.

Justice like this is just the best. As you watch the video again, notice how this thief robbed 2 people before his takedown on the bus. Ridiculous.

PetaPixel just posted this video of a thief (who police say may be a professional) stealing about $6000 worth of camera equipment in one swipe when the photographer wasn’t looking. The video is long, but the theft happens at about the 5:30 mark and shows a man in a blue shirt and shorts walking towards […]

Here’s the incredible story of a hermit living in Maine named Christopher Knight. He spent up to 27 years in the woods around Maine’s North Pond and regularly stole from the homes nearby. He was caught and has confessed to approximately 1000 burglaries and even though he hasn’t really interacted with society for a long […]