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I can confirm that Tom Degroote is an idiot for responding to phishing emails and for accepting strangers as friends on Facebook.

You saw the smashed aftermath of the store front, now check out the video of the thieves in action. Their BMW gets stuck INSIDE (not sure how this happened) and they got caught afterall!


I’m posting this mainly because it’s not every day that you see an Apple Store completely trashed. But yep, it happened to the Apple Store in Temecula when thieves drove a car right into it and got away with an undisclosed amount of Apple product. Ballsy. As of this post, they still have not gotten […]

Not only does wearing a camera around your neck like this look silly, it also allows clever thieves to steal your lens right from under your nose. All they have to do apparently is ask for directions and stand uncomfortably close to you during the exchange. [via] This would never happen to me mainly because […]


Image above by Tony Cenicola/The New York Times Michael Wilson at The New York Times just published an article about the high rate of theft at Starbucks (mostly in New York City, but also generally in all Starbucks around the country). The main culprit seems to be people’s overall sense of comfort when they enter […]