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I just learned what a Muxe is from this VICE video about Mexico’s “third gender”. The reason why it’s known as the third gender is because Muxes are physically male but prone to act as females. VICE enlightens…

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This was my very first iPod and to this day still my favorite iPod that Apple has ever made. This 3rd generation iPod was the only one to have a row of four touch buttons going across the center of the iPod which also glowed red when the backlight was turned on. In short, it […]

This is pretty spectacular. Here’s color 16mm footage of Franklin D. Roosevelt going to his 3rd inaugural on January 20, 1941. The film is excerpted from a longer home video uploaded originally to the Moving Image Archive. I believe this is one of the few times I’ve seen Roosevelt in pictures/film in full color. [via]


PBS posted some very amusing hate mail sent from 3rd graders to the Natural History museum director about removing Pluto from the standard planetary system and labeling it instead as an icy comet. Third graders — they can be so menacing at times. Read those angry letters here.


Ren Xin, an 11 year-old Chinese girl has undergone surgery in China’s top military medical hospital to remove a third arm that is attached to her back! The third arm is the result of an under-developed parasitic twin that grew inside the mother’s womb. Because of her rare third arm on her back, many people […]