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Men Throwing Rocks With The Other Hand from Juan Etchegaray on Vimeo. There’s something really genuinely funny and interesting about watching this video. Such a simple idea!

No worries, they are made locally so it’s easy to replace if they’re broken during shipping. PIECE. OF. CAKE. [via]

Remember that all-purpose Chinese shovel video I posted back in May? Well, it turns out that the Soviets used a similar tool for combat and this company called Cold Steel manufacturers a shovel that does it all. The Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel cuts, digs, chops, stabs, and probably hurts no matter which way it […]


Reports are out now that Bosnian police have identified the girl seen in a video throwing puppies into a river. The parents of the girl are being questioned (and presumably, so is the girl) and the girl and her family could be charged about $6400 USD for animal cruelty. That seems like a small fine […]


If there was ever a person that needed to see the wrath of 4chan, please let it be this girl here who is seen in the video above committing multiple acts of animal cruelty by throwing helpless puppies into a river. WTF. This is seriously the most messed up video I’ve ever seen. The video […]