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Magic of Rahat is fast becoming one of my favorite YouTube channels. In March, he posted a video where he gave a winning lottery ticket to a homeless man named Eric. The world was touched when the homeless man generously wanted to give Rahat some of the earnings. An emotional day for the two of […]

This is so messed up. There are soooooooo many things going against cyclists in LA already and having LAPD threatening to ticket a cyclist for riding in the middle of a lane instead of the super-small sidewalk is just absurd. If the police can’t even understand the dangers of 1) riding on the sidewalk; 2) […]


The single-park day pass for Disneyland has now risen $5 to $92 as of today. Man, that really sucks.


A reminder to everyone to not be an idiot like me and ride on the sidewalk — even if you are looking at things in window displays. COPS ARE OUT! It’s funny that it took me moving out of the city to get a bike ticket. Maybe LA is making me soft.


I got a $58 parking ticket today. Honestly, I got it because it slipped my mind entirely to move my car from a designated 2-hour parking only location. I know it’s entirely my fault, but I’d like to see if any readers would like to help me along with this small mishap. If it gets […]