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This could easily be an ad for Hyundai, but it’s not. It’s just a bunch of people practicing the sport of Hajwalah (or Tafheet). You may remember scenes like this from MIA’s music video for “Bad Girls”. That’s one of my favorite music videos.

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This is the TILT and unfortunately it’s currently sold out. But no matter, I will still write about it like it’s in stock. Back in 2011, this project raised a whopping $22,000 on Kickstarter — way above its intended $8000 mark — and turned the MacBook Pro cooling stand industry on its head. The TILT […]


In Marseille, France, graffiti artist Tilt has turned a hotel room into a two-faced interior with one side being completely stark-white and the other being covered in colorful graffiti. It’s a crazy visual considering the fact that the separation line between the two is so contrastingly different to the eye. It’s almost as if somebody […]

So confused here. Why would you want a ping pong table that tilted during gameplay?


So if you go to Safari on the iPhone and type in “tilt” in the Google search bar (at the top right, next to the URL bar), you will get a surprise. I know, I ruined the surprise, but it’s still cool when you see it for yourself.