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Cool. Looks like Google Earth and Google Maps will soon be one and the same.

This really is my favorite movie car of them all. This man owns not 1 but 2 Deloreans, one of which is outfitted to look exactly like the movie time machine from Back To The Future.


Don’t make the mistake I did! Thankfully, it was a copy of a copy. So…not catastrophic by any means. But it sure does suck to suddenly have a non-working drive. All FRAGILE stickers ignored. Haha, at this point I can only laugh…


Foursquare (in conjunction with Samsung Galaxy S4) has launched the Time Machine, a really neat way to visualize your Foursquare checkin history as one continuous playback. Watch the map light up and bubbles of all different colors as you bounce from place to place. It’s really cool and you should try it out.

Whoa! How cool is this??!! A fully restored time machine Delorean that was once actually used on the set of BTTF!