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Check this out. Mr. Dalliard has created a flowchart of time travel scenarios and their relation to famous time travel movies. Some of this clearly went over my head, but I like how this looks!

Kyle sends over this video from 2010 of a father and son transforming their Scion TC into a time-traveling vehicle.

I thought this video was pretty neat. A part of me understands the disgust at having a large central government track you with every touch and image capture, but from a statistical standpoint, I honestly cannot wait to have bio scans like these. I look forward to this sort of future in a weird way.

DeLorean (Back to the Future) – Time Travel – Final 01 from Mert Mimaroglu (Tirido) on Vimeo. I’ve never played Crysis before, but apparently there’s a whole community of modders willing to do all sorts of crazy modifications to the original game. This particular modder went to incredible detail to put the Back To The […]


Information Is Beautiful posted this rather confusing timeline of time travel in popular TV shows and movies. It was taken from the book The Visual Miscellaneum (Harper Collins) by David McCandless. I find that this graphic is rather hard to read because of that stupid squiggly yellow year-line. This would have been much better if […]