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I was not expecting this video to be animated. But a part of me is glad it was. It sort of reminds me of Röyksopp’s “Remind Me” music video.

I enjoyed watching this 10 minute video on how Dunlop creates and retreads their aircraft tires.

I’ve always wondered this myself and I’m glad this video has been uploaded to YouTube. Winter tires are made of a different type of rubber that stay softer in cold weather. And you guessed it, because of this, the winter tires perform a heck of a lot better than those summer tires in icy conditions.

UBUNTU from ABOVE on Vimeo.

While in South Africa last year, street artist ABOVE started a community project with the local town to collect and paint the discarded rubber tires littered throughout the place. Once painted, the tires were then put together into a large colorful totem pole. Pretty neat!

Running on Nokian Tyres, this Audi RS6 goes just under 209 MPH on this icy road.