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Wow, so many interesting facts in this one video. Especially about why old oceanliners were painted black (because of coal and dirt). Please watch this.

The 2nd half of this video shows just how much Jack and Rose’s names are said in the movie. So weird to hear it back to back like that.


I don’t recall what drove me to this video, but I’m glad I saw it. In it I got a glimpse of some never before seen images of the building of the Titanic in Belfast. The ship lived in Belfast longer than in any other part of the world that the Titanic traveled to — […]

This is news to me. I had no idea there was a deleted scene from Titanic in which Jack has to fend off another passenger in the water who wanted to get aboard Rose’s floating door.


Photographic Archive/Harland & Wolff Collection/Cox I’ve been fascinated by the Titanic ever since I was in elementary school. I remember first discovering its story at a book fair at Perrine and being completely absorbed by the photos of the wreck as well as the old-timey historical photos of it being built. The photo above is […]