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The guys at Photonicinduction over-powering a standard kitchen toaster with so much power that it cooks (or really, blows up) bread in just 10 seconds.


Neat! The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is serving this Rothko-inspired toast at their cafe. The toast is based off of the real-life Rothko masterpiece known as “No. 14“.

SPEECHLESS Trailer from PaulBriganti on Vimeo. Loved this video shared by Streeter about a guy who gets tasked with giving the toast/speech at his childhood friend’s wedding, only to find out that he doesn’t really have anything in common with them anymore. The short film was written and directed by Paul Briganti!


You may have never heard of it, but your mouth has been craving Sriracha Shrimp Toast since forever. Here’s how to make it at home.