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The guys at Photonicinduction over-powering a standard kitchen toaster with so much power that it cooks (or really, blows up) bread in just 10 seconds.

The Bugatti appliance company (no relation to the car company) has unveiled a glass toaster that uses semiconductors inside the glass to heat up a variety of foods including shrimp and steak. Looks cool.

I don’t condone animal violence, but when wild animals attack, you need to do whatever is in your power to save yourself and/or others in harm’s way. I think sometimes people forget that. In this case, I would have done exactly as Kevin Rose did here. A million extra points to him for not flinching […]

Eggs have got to be the easiest food to cook. There’s really no way to do it wrong. You either have undercooked eggs or overcooked eggs, and both are alright. But if you feel¬†absolutely helpless when it comes to cooking eggs, then maybe this Rollie Eggmaster is for you. It’s a toaster for your eggs.

Check out this laser-cut toaster by¬†Scott van Haastrecht which searches Google Images for the day’s date and prints out a 6×6 pixel image of a random result from the page onto your morning toast. Abstract, but fun to eat!