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By October 1, 2014, CVS pharmacies nationwide will no longer have cigarettes and other tobacco-related products on store shelves. The move is a major step in the national chain’s push to encourage healthier living. And while this won’t necessarily stop anybody from smoking, it does show that the Surgeon General’s most recent report on the […]


I remember seeing this PSA when I was growing up. I never really knew much about the ad or the woman featured in it, but I found out earlier this week that she had passed away. The woman shown in the “Voicebox” anti-tobacco ad is named Debi Austin. She reportedly smoked 2-3 packs A DAY […]

I can’t say that I agree with everything in this Atlantic article about the potential good in tobacco. Actually, I could probably say that I disagree with all of it.

I can’t wait to watch this movie called Addiction Incorporated about a man named Victor DeNoble who became one of the first whistleblowers in the tobacco industry. His research and comments about what tobacco companies like Philip Morris were doing back in the 80s and 90s caused the government to put a tax on cigarettes […]

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Photo by Rocco Rorandelli Italian photographer Rocco Rorandelli was just profiled in The New York Times about his project that investigates the origins of the cigarette in India and China. His photo series shows a vast difference in respect for the cigarette and how it is perceived in both cultures. In India, the cigarette is […]