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YOU WIN!!!!! YOU WIN!!!!! YOU WIN!!!!! YOU WIN!!!!! Haha, this is too good of a reaction not to post. Deidra Shores became the Today’s Show Kid Reporter last week when it was announced that she was the winner in the Kid Reporter search put on by NBC.


In June 2006, Truman Duncan, a railroad switch operator at the Gunderson Southwest yard in Cleburne, TX, fell onto the tracks and was run over by a moving train. The incident caused Truman’s body to be taken under the wheels of the train car which weighed about 20,000 pounds. As you can guess, Truman’s body […]


Tonight at 8PM EST on TLC, a documentary called “The 650-pound Virgin” will air which follows the life of David Smith and his journey that resulted in him losing over 400 pounds in just 26 months. With the help of a personal trainer, David was able to lose on average about 15 pounds a month. […]


Photo: Joe Ades in Chinatown by Joyce Wong Some sad news coming in this morning, as The New York Times is reporting that the gentlemen potato peeler Joseph Ades passed away on Sunday at the age of 75. Ades (pronounced AH-dess) was a corner staple in Union Square and some other places around New York […]

To prepare you all for the sarcastic, dry humor that Sarah Haskins is bound to say this Sunday, here’s a hilarious segment of Target Women in which Sarah investigates how NBC is trying to kill Ann Curry. Funny, but man would I love to have Ann Curry’s job in order to travel to so many […]