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From electric clothes to digital games on mass transit and just about every category in between, The New York Times dishes out the 32 best innovations we know of today that will hopefully change the world of tomorrow for the better. A good read.


If iPhone developer Chronic is to be believed, tomorrow marks the day that Apple will begin selling unlocked iPhone 4 units to the masses. Interesting… UPDATE: Ok, they are selling them for real now. Get an unlocked 32GB iPhone 4 or an unlocked 16GB iPhone 4 here.

PaleoFuture posted this great video from 1948 about what Popular Mechanics considered to be revolutionary and new upcoming features in the cars for tomorrow. Lots of great ideas like 3-wheeled vehicles and dashboards filled with knobs and levers like the cockpit of an airplane! YAY!


The Taxi and Limousince Commission (TLC) in NYC has unveiled the 3 finalists for the future of the taxi cab here in NYC. All 3 vehicles — from Ford, Nissan, and a Turkish manufacturer named Karsan — offer increased storage space, leg room, and a much taller roof. The winner of the competition is set […]


It’s kind of out of character for an Apple announcement to take place tomorrow and because of that I’m actually pretty excited to hear what they have to say. I’m hoping for cheap goodies tomorrow.