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According to Uncrate, this crazy scissor looking contraption from Leatherman includes 420HC stainless steel shears, a strap cutter, a carbide glass breaker, a ring cutter, a ruler, and an oxygen tank wrench. Everything you need to…uh…who knows. Why do you need this? You’re probably better off buying the Leatherman Wave.

Combustion from Renaud Hallée on Vimeo. In this piece called Combustion, Renaud Hallée uses fire as his main instrument of choice. And the visual effect is stunning.


Machined from cold form steel and covered in light coat of wax, these industrial bottle openers are an eye-catching yet subtle addition to your key set. Keep one hanging around for just $48. [via]


Click to enlarge Remember the deblurring demo video from that Photoshop conference I posted last week? Well, Adobe apparently has gotten so many people asking about it that they finally went and wrote an official post about it. According to Adobe, the feature is great but it only really works on images with stark lines. […]


I just got one of these gold Crank Brothers Multi-Function Bike Tools in the mail. I’m not going to pretend like I know enough about bike tools to say that this is the best one on the market, but based on looks alone, it certainly fits the bill of “best looking” bike tool. I like […]

In this Chinese demonstration video, a special shovel is used by several different military personnel to do the job of many, many different tools. It’s quite amazing actually, so make sure you have a look. [via]