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Interesting macro video of the fibers (is that the right term?) in bread tearing in slow-motion. Very pretty.


Wow oh wow! Invisible Creature just posted these photos of the brand-new custom Leroy C. figure by Dril One. This war-torn version doesn’t look like it’s going to be sold though, but if you want the original Leroy C. you can snag one here for under $18!

Surely a sad sight to behold, here is video of Land’s End, the name of the home on Long Island’s “Gold Coast” that inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic American novel The Great Gatsby being torn down and demolished. The 13-acre property has been on the market for 7 years with no buyers so the land […]

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The folks over at ifixit just tore apart a brand new Google Nexus One smartphone with great photos of its insides to show off.


Cinelan has a fabulous 3-minute short video about one man’s life and family history at Bethlehem Steel, once the nation’s 2nd-largest steel manufacturer. Watch the short video here and see how the magnificent steel structure has been torn down to make way for a new casino. If you want to see how Bethlehem Steel looked […]