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Here’s the story of Louis Michaud’s race to find energy in a tornado-machine amidst many naysayers and skeptics. It turns out, he may have been right.

Ugh. THE MUSIC. Why? Anyway, if you can stomach the music, check out this insane video of a dust devil tornado occurring from a prescribed burn at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in Denver, CO.

I don’t live in tornado alley so I’m not too familiar with tornados. However, I have been through several Hurricanes (some serious, some not so serious) and I’m wondering if this Tuuli Armor Tornado Protection Bag would save me if I were in one again. From the looks of it, the bag is made specifically […]

Seriously, what is up with the music in this video? Anyway, watch this fire tornado kick up debris in a wonderfully scary yet captivating spiral. The video was filmed by Rocky Mountain Arsenal firefighter Thomas Rogers on March 14, 2014.

B-Roll footage of the TIV2 by Meteorologist Brandon Ivey showing how the crew deploys for a tornado intercept.