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This is probably one of the cooler and more interesting online art projects I’ve come across. The Pirate Cinema is basically a live feed of torrent traffic across the internet, randomly chosen and shown with an image frame of what’s being downloaded and an IP address that is downloading that particular piece of digital media. […]

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Remember Popcorn Time, the app that let you stream torrents of movies and TV shows effortlessly on your computer without having to download them first? Well, now there’s Joker,¬†a¬†website that lets you do basically the same thing. That’s right. Stream torrents right inside your browser. Nothing to download. I haven’t actually gotten it to work, […]

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Popcorn Time is an app that lets you [illegally] stream movies over torrent. It’s free, available for Macs at the moment, and works like a charm (I’ve tested it). The interface is simple, not unlike browsing the Netflix catalog and after a brief buffering stage where I believe it just fetches the torrent data, the […]

I, like many loyal Demonoid users, was hoping that the downtime of famed invite-only torrent tracker Demonoid would only last for a short time. Today however, my wishes were crushed when TorrentFreak reported that the domain name is now up for sale. I guess this really is goodbye to the best collection of super-rare torrents […]

This is a fascinating visual experiment. Watch as the episode literally jumps back and forth and pixelates because of missing information in the incomplete torrent file. [via]


What’s the best new torrent site to go to if you want all of your movie torrents in one place? Check out TorrentButler. All of the movies there are sorted by HD/SD and include easy-to-see movie posters to help you remember what the heck you’re downloading. That’s right, I approve.