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Sigh. This is wonderful! [via] And in case you missed it, here’s a supercut of Kristen Stewart biting her lips.

If my plane does this same thing and crashes, I’m just going to go ahead and tell you now that Doobybrain.com will at least have new content until June 11th. So there you go. Let’s hope my plane doesn’t do acrobatics in the air like this.

Haha, what?! The Urban Performers took a frisbee into New York City’s Freedom Tunnel and played toss. Nobody was hit by a train. Can somebody tell me what part of the Freedom Tunnel this is? Why is it lit up with so many lights???

This scene is apparently taken from the 1985 film Tampopo and word is that it’s not even the weirdest scene in the movie. Ok, well…Japan. Sorry, I don’t even know how to end that sentence after watching the video above.