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Are they signs of drug and gang turfs? Virginity lost? Bullying? Who knows for sure really, but the act of throwing shoes over powerlines has been a debated topic for decades now. This documentary from Closer Productions tries to collect the opinions of the public on the shoe-tossing topic via a public phone message bank. […]

No worries, they are made locally so it’s easy to replace if they’re broken during shipping. PIECE. OF. CAKE. [via]

Sigh. This is wonderful! [via] And in case you missed it, here’s a supercut of Kristen Stewart biting her lips.

The CollegeHumor/IAC crowd got a special dough-tossing show by Ninio Coniglio at the Pizzeria Del Corso in Brooklyn. If he drops it on the floor, does he still continue making the pizza with the same dough?