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42nd Street – Grand Central is now home to at least one of these giant touchscreen Subway maps! We’re finally in the future!

BGR posts this video of the not-so-perfect Zorro Macsk for the iMac that turns your iMac into a giant touchscreen in just 10 minutes. It uses infrared technology to sense where fingers are on the display panel and while it does work for simple things, it seems to lag a bit or not work at […]

You know why this will never be on consumer phones in a useful way? Because the display truly sucks. Nobody is going to go from a hi-res Retina display to dimly lit sucky one just for the sake of two-sided touch. This technology is great for info panels and displays, but not for consumer phones.


Good news for the silent phone booths in and around NYC. The city’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications is turning some booths into 32-inch touchscreen information kiosks. The new touchscreen phone booths will display current city events, reminders, and may even be able to take 311 requests. The most exciting part about this is […]