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An interesting video about how one farm in Texas is using creative water conservation practices to battle tough drought seasons in the South in order to continue raising grass-fed cattle.

Tough love from animals

Haha, a funny song by Zefrank about animals giving you bad looks for bad things you’ve done.


Mophie announced yesterday a brand-new case and battery attachment for the iPhone 4/4S that can supply the device with over 2x the battery life coupled with military-grade protection. The new Juice Pack PRO¬†($129.95) features water-tight ports, an impact-resistance rubberized case, and a rotating belt clip to make sure it doesn’t get lost while you’re outdoors […]


CableJive sent over one of their 3-foot duraSync cables last week. What is the duraSync, you ask? Well, it’s basically just an iPod USB cable with reinforced double-layered plastic ends and a slightly stiffer cable construction. It’s good for those folks who have rolling office chairs who also keep their cable lying on the ground […]