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I didn’t know the MTA was doing this, but apparently from the YouTube video description: As part of an ongoing project to reduce wheep slip on trains, a rail grinder is used to make grooves in the rail for better traction, and as a result this sound is made when trains go over the rail. […]

I’ve seen this car twice in my entire life. It’s known as the Track Geometry Car and it can be identified by its massive array of bright headlights and its unusual body shape and color. I’ve always wondered how this worked. I definitely knew there were lasers involved because you can actually see them underneath […]

You can skip ahead the later portion of the video where it gets driven on the track. That’s where it gets exciting. BEAST.

WHOA! I gotta say, this car makes the coolest looking sustained flame throw of any vehicle I know of.


Ok, so truth be told, this isn’t a photo of The High Line. It’s actually part of the LIRR track that bends through a part of Long Island City. It’s not the prettiest part of town (certainly not the busiest!) but here lies a part of NYC not yet gentrified, and this is where you […]

I’ve ridden the subway for years and only just saw for the first time the other day the MTA Subway Track Inspection car. This video shows the train outside, but when the train runs undeground, the front of the train has lights like no other. Super-bright!