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The beginning of this video is nothing new, but stay until the end to see the new Batman-like shooting contraption that may end police pursuits for good.


WOW! An anorak that’s also down?! Yes! It comes in blue and black!

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Wow, really just a little over 4 days until Christmas? Crazy!


I just found this beautiful flight tracking app called Just Landed over at Beautiful Pixels. It’s a super-simple flight tracker for flights in the US that tells you if a flight has landed and at what gate you should expect them to come out from. Functional and gorgeous. Those are the apps I like. Get […]

WNYC teamed up with Transportation Nation to put out this abandoned bike tracker that charts out the worst of the worst abandoned bike offenders in NYC. If you know of any ones that aren’t on this list, you can submit them to the site and if all checks out, then it will be added to […]


The New York Times probably has the best Hurricane Irene tracking map available. And judging by its current tracking info, it looks like Saturday evening will just be a night of heavy rain and not much else. There’s clearly no hurricane coming to NYC. Maybe some flooding, but that’s about it. Make sure you check […]