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This is so freaky! PetaPixel posted this video of “digital make-up” being applied to a woman’s face through the use of real-time facial recognition and tracking software.

Pecan Street Inc. is a research and development organization based at the University of Texas at Austin that tracks energy usage in homes in a small purpose-built community. The project focuses primarily on renewable energy resources and how people consume and track their energy usage through smart apps. The organization, in part, is trying to see if […]

This insane amount of speed and precision is accomplished by using two independently moving mirrors rather than moving the camera lens itself. This allows for ultra-fast tracking and the system can even be used to project images onto fast-moving objects.


I really love the idea of the BikeSpike but was bummed out to hear that it really only works with an annual subscription service (sort of like a cellphone plan). It uses cellular and GPS data to track your movements and in the event of a bike theft, you can turn it on and send your […]

Fujifilm X-S1 commercial with stabilizing chicken head

You may remember the stabilizing head of an owl or the video of a chicken head tracking its position in space, now Fuji is banking on the concept for this ad for the X-S1 camera.