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This VICE documentary looks to be really interesting. It makes me incredibly sad though. NSFW.

Containerization from MAYAnMAYA on Vimeo. A great video about the need for a standardization in the transfer of information by using the example of the unassuming shipping container. I had no idea until I watched this video, but the use of the shipping container between shipper and ports caused a huge increase in global trade. […]

This 7-part video series details some of the unseen portions of the Mexican drug trade that you never really see. Gruesome murders, lots of drugs, and an odd connection to Mormon’s in the US.


Photo: Getty A really great read on the outspoken disrespect Carmelo Anthony had for Jeremy Lin by saying Lin’s contract numbers with the Rockets were “ridiculous”. What’s relevant here is not whether Melo was right or not about Lin’s contract. Plenty of NBA players surely agree with him. What’s relevant is that he said it […]