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Why did they have to give this robot a face? So freaky. It reminds me of Cain from RoboCop. Apparently Baxter here is one of the simplest implementations of a robotic assembly line worker that people can purchase. In the video above, it seems to be doing a relatively easy task VERY SLOWLY. I can’t […]


Photo: U.S. Navy Wait a second. The U.S. Navy actually employs animals to fight for our freedom? I always thought that was a joke on the whole U.S. Navy SEALs thing where somebody just says the Navy employs seals because of the acronym. But hey, it’s true! And these seals, dolphins, whales, and sea lions […]

BoingBoing posted this video above of an example of specially trained rats that can sniff out landmines in Africa. The rats are lightweight and won’t trip a landmine if they find one and have the same scent sensitivity as landmine-searching dogs. Rats get a bad reputation here in NYC, but I’ve always found them a […]

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your video of the day: a toilet-trained pig. [via]