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Here’s a documentary about February 2010 death of a Sea World trainer and the story of how the event was almost covered up.

Near Death at SeaWorld -Worldwide exclusive video, obtained via FOIA, depicting a serious aggression incident by the killer whale Kasatka against her SeaWorld San Diego trainer Ken Peters in 2006. In the video, Kasatka grabs her trainer’s foot and will not let go, dunking him under the water for extended periods of time. Peters, who […]

A trainer named Anita at the Polar Zoo returned home to the wolves she socialized to find them clamoring over her for hugs and kisses! How sweet! [via]

I want one of these things here that allow you to bike indoors on your actual bike without having to take off the back wheel. I might buy one.

With the thought of impending bad weather coming up to NYC, I really, really, really want one of these for my apartment. Then I can bike any day I want regardless of how stupid it is outside. I believe the bike trainer shown here is the Minoura 850D Mag Trainer (at least it looks like […]