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Why am I so behind on all of this?! Matty Collector apparently released a giant 23″ Voltron last year made up of very big Voltron cats that feature one-touch transformations. They’re on eBay for about $85 each which means your resulting whole Voltron may cost upwards of $500. Eeks!

An interesting concept by Aaron Cheng to compress both parking and housing space into one unit that expands like an accordion depending on the time of day and the needs of the space. [via]

Bruce Campbell owns an old Boeing 727 in Oregon. It doesn’t fly, it’s kind of broken and nasty, and yet he wants to transform it into a livable space. He’s done plenty of modifications already, but something about transforming a highly technological machine into a not-so-technical living space seems like a very challenging thing to […]

Here’s the incredible story of Arthur Boorman, a disabled Gulf War veteran who injured his back and legs in one too many paratrooping incidents. After doctors told him he would not be able to walk on his own, Arthur nearly gave up on his life, living disabled for 15 years until he met a yoga […]


The New York Times Magazine has been running a section of their blog called Model-Morphosis for a while now, but I keep on forgetting to put a note of it here on Doobybrain.com. So here it is. Basically, it’s a neat interactive way to see how some models are made-up for their runway shows. Want […]

Reindeer from Treat on Vimeo. Treat made this very random Reindeer video for E4. Seriously random.