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Isn’t this thing gorgeous? Just imagine a future where an entire glass wall could be a speaker. Find out more info about it here.


While I have no complaints about the black, Martin Hajek does prove that a transparent glass option would be pretty nice. He based these renders off of the way the Mac Pro was displayed at WWDC 2013. Also, I totally agree that Apple should do a black keyboard…

I sort of don’t see how I would be able to use a transparent phone. Judging from this early prototype video of one I can already tell that viewing anything on it is going to be near impossible. Unless they find a way to instantly frost it like those electronic shower glass doors, then I […]


According to Designaffairs, the German company behind this bike design, the plastic used in this bike design is called Trivex and it’s the same used in helicopter and fighter jet windscreens. I want this.