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Funny thing about this place: I actually stumbled upon this back in 2008 or 2009 (I forget exactly) when I was walking around the industrial parts of Long Island City to finish up my senior thesis at Parsons. I didn’t know that these blue bogies were abandoned by the LIRR (or rather, just left unused). […]


This Summer at Heathrow Airport in London, ULTra Transport unveiled a completely revolutionary personal transport system that uses computer-driven pods to bring people from their cars to the airport Terminal in about 5 minutes. Each pod sits 4 comfortably (with luggage) and reduces bus use from parking lot to terminal. It’s said that the use […]


“Making the city work together” doesn’t quite come across in this idiotic ad for the GMPTE, the public transport for Greater Manchester, UK. Somebody at the GMPTE or the agency that represents them has some explaining to do! ROFL!