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Real Life Exp. on Nowness.com. A short by Norwegian director Kristoffer Borgli about two girls who get locked into an indoor swimming pool and end up passing the time by hanging with each other. A beautifully shot short film about…well, the mundane life.

Just so I know in the future, skateboards will NOT break car windows easily. This sounds like a good time to purchase those ResQMe window-breaker keychains.

I see some crazy things in New York, but I have never seen anything like this!


Photo from the USGS I’ve never been in an earthquake before and after watching this summary video from the California Highway Patrol about the emergency response to the October 17, 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake (7.1 magnitude), I am pretty sure that I never want to be in one. On that day, portions of the San […]