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The video takes a while to get going, but be sure to take some time and watch this video from Engadget about a new surface treatment called SLIPS (Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surface) that can basically repel any liquid applied to it (oil, spray paint, water, liquid cement, etc.). The treatment was inspired by the Nepenthes […]


Excellent reporting by The Daily Mail: What Victoria’s Secret models would look like if they were given the FatBooth treatment.


I’m totally late in writing about this, but a couple of weeks back I got a chance to tour the Newtown Creek Digester Eggs as a part of Open House New York. Inside each of those eggs is wastewater that’s being treated to return back to the water system in NYC. The Digester Eggs are […]

A couple of weeks back I was able to go to the Digester Eggs water treatment facility to check out how parts of NYC get usable, clean water from wastewater. It’s a huge recycling center that works very similar to how Madrid’s Canal Isabel II treats its wastewater. Check out their video infogrpahic above.