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Fruit Snacks – Pool Boy from Buck on Vimeo. General Mills tagged BUCK to produce these fun animated shorts for fruit snacks with the help of Saatchi & Saatchi. [via] Fruitsnackia: Photobooth [pre-roll] from Mikey Sullivan on Vimeo. Fruit Snacks – Big Smack from Buck on Vimeo. Fruit Snacks – Towel Boy from Buck on […]

This video of a dog named Denver acting incredibly guilty when his owner finds out that one of the 2 dogs in the household has eaten kitty treats is exactly what Joey does when he knows he’s done something wrong! The squinting, the looking away…man, maybe this is just something Labs do? [via] UPDATE: See? […]


Wikipedia categorizes Brooklyn-based Sleigh Bells as noise-pop/dance-punk. I couldn’t have fit them in a better genre. This music is like crack! Can’t get enough of it! And with the recent music video for Rill Rill going online, I just had to get the rest of the album to see how it was. And I’m happy […]