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So over the weekend I went to Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks with Herman and Kim. Was so fun. The giant sequoia trees are hard to capture in photographs because they are often so big that you need a seriously wide lens to get them all in frame, and even then, you need a person […]

A group of conservationists in Earth First! Humboldt are working to save the lives of thousands of Redwood trees in danger of being clearcut. How are they doing this? By scaling these giants and camping in the canopies of the trees. This documentary from Rainhouse Cinema follows a few of these tree dwellers to tell […]


I’m really loving this project from photographer Mitch Epstein called New York Arbor about some of NYC’s oldest citizens — its trees. Epstein’s photos have been collected and presented in a new book from Steidl called New York Arbor. You can see more images from the book inside.

Industrial tree mulcher attacher to an excavator

Not the cheeriest of videos, but something to know for the sake of knowing. This video shows an industrial mulcher attached to an excavator which then grinds entire trees down to piles of debris in mere seconds. It’s kind of sad. Human destruction to nature in a very extreme way. Also: Don’t forget, this is […]

Redwood I from Steven Poe on Vimeo. One of the things I definitely want to do before I leave California is visit the Redwood forest in California. I want to see these giant trees in person!