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YMFY came across this amazing video taken in 1976 of a tribe called Toulambis in Papua New Guinea encountering white man for the first time. The curiosity captured on video by both sides is simply amazing. At around 4:45, you can see the tribesmen start to rub the skin of the white man to see […]

Kenyan tribesmen (Dorobo men) are seen in this amazing video (from BBC’s Human Planet) stealing the meat of a dead wildebeest from 15 feasting lions. EASY. [via]

While news of this “uncontacted tribe” in the Amazon rainforest isn’t new, aerial video footage of them certainly is, so watch this video above narrated by Gillian Anderson (yep, X-Files) as a small plane flies high above to prove once and for all that these people do exist in the middle of South America. I […]

The Mentawai, Behind the Scenes Documentary from Joey L on Vimeo. Joey L. shared a truly remarkable video on fstoppers on how he went about shooting the Mentawai people in the thick Indonesian jungles. Carrying a huge Mamiya and lots of grip and equipment, Joey L was able to become friends with the tribes people […]