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In some ways this is a bit like the Karas Kustoms iPhone 5 case except that the mechanism required to take your phone out requires only a simple turn of your fingers rather than a set of tools. The TRIGGER case by 4thdesign is a full metal bumper case that is slightly enlarged on the […]


My goodness, play this video below on some really good speakers! The video demonstrates a working prototype arc4, a simple musical device that triggers notes based on the rotation of 4 knobs. To tell you the truth, I don’t understand the technicalities of how this is built, but I do know that the device looks […]

Remember that Krylon Snap & Spray spray paint handle I posted about earlier? Well, here’s a much better alternative from Safeway International called the Can-Gun1. The Can-Gun1 snaps onto the outer ring of the top of the spray paint can and just looks all around sturdier than the Krylon version. It is less than $7 […]