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This is the kind of adventure I want to experience. Me and a group of friends, packed into a cheese bus (one that runs on vegetable oil!), traveling to a far destination with the intention of having as much fun as we can on bikes and kayaks. Oh, and also enjoying all that nature has […]

This is apparently a real thing that happened. Heineken gave these folks $2000 to cover expenses and put them on a plane to an unknown destination. They just had to take the leap and press the button.

At the 30 second mark, you can see the sea lion get all worried about the little girl he was playing tag with after she trips and falls. Adorable!

Evan Mather is embarking on an epic roadtrip this summer from the East Coast to the West Coast and is hoping to raise some funds to help him create a crazy time-lapse video from end to end. The thing that makes Mather’s trip neat is that he is going to base it around the highway […]